Share your warmth this winter and keep them safe

As the frosty fingers of winter tighten their grip and a bone-chilling cold envelops the world, spare a thought for those most vulnerable. For the underprivileged and destitute, winter becomes a haunting time of torment and agony. It’s a season where the bitter bite of cold becomes a relentless adversary, especially for those dwelling beneath the poverty line. Anxiety and deprivation take hold, and the cries of hungry children, shivering in the cold echo around.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),

More than 30% of lower-income people cannot keep their houses warm in winter.

In the face of this economic peril, low-income families find themselves grappling with the harsh reality of winter. The chilling truth cannot be overlooked – the cold inflicts profound harm on those already burdened by poverty on a global scale.

Over 4 million people don’t have access to warm clothing

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In response to this pressing need, Minhaj Welfare Foundation launches a winter campaign, extending a helping hand to millions of families worldwide. This initiative doesn’t stop there; it reaches out to refugees and the homeless, providing crucial support during the unforgiving winter months. The global campaign is a lifeline, delivering essential aid, warm meals, cozy clothes, blankets, and an array of relief items to help families in need weather the brutal winter conditions. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs issues a stark warning,

6.9 million displaced children are at high risk for severe winter weather.

Beneath the icy veneer of winter, there beats a human heart, alive and waiting for help. Your donations will empower Minhaj Welfare Foundation to offer shelter, food, clean water, warm clothes, blankets, medical assistance, and life-saving kits to those left freezing in the biting cold.

Let’s turn the cold into warmth and ensure that no heart is left out in the cold.