Real Stories

Hear out some Impact Stories from your Donations and raise your Faith in Charity

Story of Muhammed Yusuf, at the age of fifteen he describes his story of how Aghosh Orphan Care Program trasnformed his life for the better and what he aspires to achieve through the Minhaj support network and programs.

Ahmed Naeem of grade six shares his story of how he lost his parents but yet keeps his spirits high and continue to strive to make his parents proud.

Story of Ghulam Abbas who lost his father at a critical Age. Under the Orphan Care program of Aghosh he is now the best performing student in his school. He aspires to become a software engineer, which is wihtin his reach through your donations.

Eidhi’s story from one of our projects in Africa demonstrates how our work aspires to end generational cycles of poverty and harness within communities the ability, skills and motivation to sustain their own progress from within.

For girls like Mishal, going to school is a real struggle in Dambalo (Sindh), she has to work really hard to be able to compete with the boys in her village if she wants to have a successful career. Mishaal’s parents passed away many years ago, her grandmother is grateful to Minhaj for supporting her grand-daughters and she is now waiting for them to finish school and have a good future.