…and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.” (Holy Quran)

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Millions of people have been affected by heavy rainfall, flash floods and landslides since July, as Pakistan endured more than 80% of its normal total monsoon rainfall in three weeks. Overall, the country sees its eighth cycle of monsoon rains. Thousands are without food and shelter in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces, which have been most affected by this humanitarian disaster.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has expanded its relief work in the flood-hit areas of Pakistan by rebuilding homes and livelihoods for displaced families. An estimated two million houses were completely damaged. As water showed signs of receding in many areas of southern Punjab and Sindh, families started returning to their homes.

Housing Support

We need your generous donations to help flood-affected families rebuild their homes.


Kitchen, Beddings

Brick Unit

15 Units = Complete House


fans, electrics, decorations

Room Unit

All inclussive in one room

Complete House

2 bedrooms, a bath & kitchen

2 Rooms

in one house

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MWF is significantly scaling up its response in Pakistan to ensure long-term support for 1 million people affected by the devastating impact of unprecedented floods on infrastructure, food security, and livelihoods. We are planning to rebuild homes for flood-affected families and rehabilitate clean water supply and sanitation facilities.

From the communities living in Gilgit Baltistan’s remote mountains to the flooded farmlands of south Punjab, our teams have been committed to delivering your aid to displaced families.


MWF has the largest database of volunteers to respond to any disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or other natural calamities.

Cooked Meals

As an early recovery plan, we distributed 212,000 cooked meals to flood victims, including women and children.

Ration Packs

As part of our flood relief plan, we have distributed 325,000 ration packs to families who are living under temporary shelters by the roadside.

Medical Aid:

Floods are known to cause gastro, malarial, and skin diseases. Our doctors set up medical camps in devastated areas and provided essential medical aid to 195,000 people, including women and children.


As part of the third phase of the flood relief plan, MWF has set up tent villages in most affected areas of south Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan, providing shelter, meals, medical assistance, water and sanitation services to thousands of people.

Tent Villages:

We have established fifteen tent villages in the most affected areas so far. Each tent village has a kitchen to provides meals and a school to continue children’s academic progress.

Relief Support

We need your generous donations to help flood-affected families rebuild their lives.

Basic Essentials

Ration Pack

Medical Aid

Fiscal Aid

Shelter Aid

Micro Finance

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Over 1,000 people have died, and many more have been injured. Millions of families are displaced.

Whole districts are submerged, leaving no one above water. Balochistan is completely cut off from the rest of the country. There was a complete loss of all major road and rail infrastructure.

Flash floods caused by abnormally heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 1200 people across Pakistan over the last two months and have displaced more than 500,000 people, according to officials.

  • About 400 of the 1200 deaths have been reported since the start of August

  • 30 million people have been impacted, with 517,678 living in relief camps

  • More than 90,000 homes have been damaged by the floods

  • 150 bridges connecting cities and districts are destroyed

Thousands of marooned people are being evacuated by rescuers, aided by troops, according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

Tens of thousands of agricultural lands and crops were flooded, and a large number of livestock also died. People have lost their livelihoods and are now totally dependent on humanitarian assistance. People are in immediate need of water, food, medical assistance, and shelter. The poorest and most vulnerable are on the frontline of the crisis.

As always, Minhaj Welfare Foundation is on the front lines this year, providing humanitarian aid from the very beginning. Our dedicated workers are working tirelessly rescuing people by boat and providing them with ration packs, warm cooked meals, shelters, and clean drinking water to survive. We are also carrying out medical camps, providing medical assistance to those affected and injured.

Your support is their only hope

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